This Software Service tracks publications in 8 leading IS journals in the AIS Senior Scholars’ basket of journals. At present, the database includes data for the years 1990-2016. The journals and their most current issues included in the database are:

Journal Year Volume Issue
European Journal of Information Systems 2016 25 6
Information Systems Journal 2016 26 6
Information Systems Research 2016 27 4
Journal of Information Technology 2016 31 4
Journal of Management Information Systems 2016 33 4
Journal of Strategic Information Systems 2016 25 4
Journal of the Association for Information Systems 2016 17 12
MIS Quarterly 2016 40 4

Rankings are provided by varying criteria, including geographic location, journal and type of ranking method (for more details about ranking options, please see the “Calculation” page). Quick selections for common journal groupings and 3 or 5 year windows are provided, but it is possible to search by any combination of journals and years. Additionally, the database can be searched by university, author, and article key words.